Introducing QuintiSerum

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Introducing QuintiSerum™!

Vivier's new innovative serum packed with Amino Acid technology to boost collagen.

Healthy-looking, radiant and hydrated skin – that’s the goal at every age. Knowing that your skin can (and will!) change over time, tailoring your skincare routine as you add more candles to your birthday cake is the best way to give skin what it needs to thrive. Vitamin C serum should be on the list. In fact, the ingredient is considered an essential in any effective skincare lineup regardless of age or skin type, and is often name dropped as a must-have along with sunscreen and retinol by top dermatologists and professionals.  

Why is Vitamin C so important?     

Also known as L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse and a major multi-tasker. It can help prevent free radical damage from sources such as UV exposure, blue light and pollution. It can help to brighten a complexion, minimize dark spots and enhance luminosity. Plus, Vitamin C is an essential co-factor to increase collagen production. This is a big deal for aging skin because collagen and elastin are the key components that are responsible for more volume, supple and firm skin. When we’re young we are rich in collagen, but our natural production starts to decline as we age. After twenty years old, our skin produces 1% less collagen each year. This reduced production contributes to a change in skin texture and firmness, with skin becoming drier, thinner and more fragile. The development of wrinkles and fine lines is also linked to depleted collagen levels.        

Meet QuintiSerum™!    

By incorporating a Vitamin C serum into your skincare routine your aging skin can get a helping hand. As the latest innovation in our Vitamin C collection, the new Quintiserum™ Antioxidant Serum is designed specifically to give aging skin a youthful collagen boost. It contains 15% Vitamin C to enhance collagen synthesis, and smooth fines lines and wrinkles. This is the highest concentration of the high-quality ingredient we offer. It’s a potent dose that also helps to provide an instant glow, while reducing the look of dark spots and improving hydration.  Quintiserum™ also has Vitamin E, another celebrated antioxidant that’s ideal for aging skin. Vitamin E provides deep nourishment and can strengthen skin’s fragile barrier. Last, but not least, Quintiserum™ is loaded with a complex of 5 Peptides: Glycine, L-Proline, L-Arginine, L-Lysin and Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein. This quintuplet of peptides (which inspired the serum’s adorable name) is the most peptides found in any of our formulas, and the combination is known to preserve and boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and firm and tighten skin. The blend also helps to visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin hydration and strengthen the skin barrier. Together in this one mighty formula, Vitamin C and Peptides become unstoppable teammates that excel at enhancing collagen production to reveal younger, smoother, and softer skin. 

In Your Routine  

It’s easy to incorporate the new QuintiSerum™ Antioxidant Serum into any anti-aging routine. As part of the target step of your skincare routine, you can apply two to three drops of serum to a freshly cleansed face, neck and chest. Follow up with your favourite moisturizer and sunscreen to keep skin hydrated and protected throughout the day. 


      By: Ingrie Williams  |  Vivier Skincare Expert

      By: Ingrie Williams  |  Vivier Skincare Expert

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