Summer Skin S.O.S

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Summer Skin S.O.S  

BBQs, biking and camping – oh my! With summer fun in full swing the chance of scrapes, burns or inflammation is also increased. But with a well-stocked first aid kit you can be ready for whatever bump in the road arises. For speedy healing that works on the whole family, a tube of Vivier V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel is an essential. It’s clinically proven to reduce redness, soothe dry skin and improve the look of scars. Beyond accident assistance, it also works wonders on any compromised complexion or area of the body. If you’ve got a laser treatment, chemical peel or cosmetic surgery appointment booked, you’ll want it on standby as you recover. Small but mighty, here’s everything what you need to know about this lil’ skin saviour. 

Pass the Polyamine

The star ingredient in V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel is polyamine-DAB. Polyamine is naturally occurring in our bodies and plays an important role in skin’s healing and aging functions. Similar to collagen, we’re born with a robust amount that naturally depletes as we age. Polyamines are derived from amino acids, which are the smallest building block of our skin. Thanks to a diminutive scale, polyamines can penetrate deeply into the epidermis where they can positively impact the healing process. 

Smooth Operator

Polyamine is also a precursor to natural skin growth factors, which means it can help your skin heal more efficiently. Not only does V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel speed the healing process, but it helps to prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars. A common occurrence following injury to the skin, a hypertrophic scar is the result of excess collagen fibres that form a visible and raised lesion. Polyamine encourages skin to heal properly, reducing the potential for a bumpy reminder and leading to smoother, more flawless results.

Cover Band

Injured skin needs protection and hydration to thrive at healing. V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel is also blended with petroleum jelly and silicone, two derm-approved ingredients that are must-haves for repair. The formula helps create an occlusive layer on the skin that reduces exposure to air irritants and environmental pollutants, while preventing water evaporation from the skin. It also glides on with ease and minimal friction – a comforting bonus for any sort of ouch. You can apply it twice a day, or as needed, to clean, dry skin for up to 10 days or two weeks until skin has healed. And it’s suitable for all ages, including babies. 

Pint Size Hero

Formulated to distribute over skin, a little of this repair gel goes a long way. The 15ml tube fits effortlessly into a compact first aid kit but is also an ideal travel buddy. You can stash it in an overnight bag or carry-on case with ease.   Whether your seasonal plan is endless thrill-seeking or leaning into leisure time, it’s always best to expect the unexpected! Order a tube of Vivier V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel today, and you’ll be ready to tend to any of life’s little surprises with effective healing care. 

      By: Ingrie Williams  |  Vivier Skincare Expert

      By: Ingrie Williams  |  Vivier Skincare Expert

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