Winning Winter Skin Care Tips

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Welcome to sweater weather! The arrival of crisp, cool air always prompts a change of wardrobe. But if you want to be comfortable in your skin this winter, you need to make some changes to your skin care routine, too. The season’s cold temperatures, plus a drop in humidity, creates a dry environment that makes it challenging for skin to retain much-needed moisture. Exacerbated by the withering impact of indoor heating, many of us experience heightened bouts of dry skin along with redness, itching and flaking. But there’s no need to suffer all season long! With 3 simple modifications you can keep skin feeling soft, and soothed, until next spring. 

  1. Create a Fresh Slate

The ultimate goal of a winter skin care routine is to boost and hold on to hydration, but for lasting results you can’t skip straight to a cream – the first step is all about prep. You need to use an exfoliant to get rid of any dead, dry skin clinging to the outer layer of the epidermis. Besides removing flakes and smoothing skin’s texture, eliminating dead skin cells clears the way for any hydrating products. Exfoliation helps hydrators to penetrate better and work more effectively, amplifying soothing results. The same principle applies to painting a wall. If you want great results, you must sand down any imperfections before you pick up the paint brush. Buff your way to softer skin by incorporating a gentle exfoliating scrub into your evening cleansing routine two to three times a week.


  1. Get into the Thick of It 

Did you know your favorite puffer coat works a lot like the ideal winter moisturizer? Both provide a protective barrier that keeps wanted elements in (warmth and water, respectively) and unwanted elements out (i.e., cold temps and drying air). All skin types can benefit from switching to a thicker moisturizer in the colder months to provide dry, irritated skin the comforting armour it needs. Working like a two-way shield, a rich cream formula helps to not only trap moisture to the surface of the skin, but it also reduces the escape of hydration and lipids from within. Look for a face cream that contains oil ingredients, such as soybean and avocado. Those nourishing antioxidants are loaded with fatty acids that can help to replenish a winter-weary complexion. Adjusting your face cream application also makes a difference. Applying moisturizer to slightly damp skin will maximize hydrating benefits, trapping extra water where it’s needed most for a plumping, softening boost.

  1. Practice Sun Smarts

Your sun dresses may be tucked away until next summer, but sun protection is a different story. If you think overcast winter days give you a free pass to skip SPF, think again. UVA and UVB rays can penetrate clouds and fog, which means they can still impact skin when the mercury plummets. Sun exposure can make skin susceptible to free radical damage which can alter skin’s barrier function, increase inflammation, and have a detrimental effect on moisture levels. And under snowy conditions, the impact of UV light intensifies. No winter skincare routine is complete without daily use of SPF 30 (or higher). Try Vivier Sheer SPF 30 Mineral Tinted, it enhances skin with subtle radiance that’s an ideal antidote to winter’s dreary days.


Don’t let cold weather get your skin down! By incorporating gentle exfoliation, switching to a richer moisturizer, and prioritizing daily sun protection you can set up your winter skin care routine to stay a step ahead of dry, red, flaky or itchy skin.


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