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With the current seasonal changes, it is time to carefully review your skin care routine and products. Cold weather, indoor heat, hot water, low humidity; even things like hormonal changes make your skin feel dry and dehydrated. Did you know there’s a difference between the two? Tina Alster, board-certified dermatologist explains, “Dehydrated skin lacks water and dry skin lacks oil.” 1 Another key difference is that dehydrated skin is typically referred to as a condition (that can be changed or improved), whereas dry skin is a type, and cannot be changed—but can be treated.2

Ingredients that help repair the skin’s barrier provide much needed moisture. This keeps the skin looking and feeling soft, smooth and are important this time of year. These ingredients are found in Vivier’s moisturizers. What should you look for? Emollient ingredients such as squalene, fatty acids, and humectants like panthenol and glycerin. Emollients help with skin barrier function while humectants work to attract and retain water in the skin.

Vivier’s LEXXEL is a great choice for dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skins. It contains Hexamidine USP; an ingredient known to lock in moisture and sooth sensitive skins. Allantoin, an excellent anti-irritant, adds healing, calming and soothing properties.3 Vitamin E protects, while a blend of fatty acids such as oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids hydrate and moisturize.4 Per Leslie Baumann, M.D., “Linoleic acid plays a role in the production of ceramides within the skin and therefore aids in improving dry skin.”5 LEXXEL’s beautiful, whipped texture is elegant and soothing for even the most sensitive skin.

How about a little indulgence? Winter is the perfect time to treat your skin to some tender loving care. Vivier’s Ultra Hydrating Mask, used once or twice a week, is great as a spa-like treatment at home, or it can even be used daily as a rich, protective leave-on moisturizer. With sweet almond and shiitake mushroom extract, Vitamin E and shea butter, you have a luxurious formula enriched with emollients and humectants. Pumpkin seed extract, a source of fatty acids, provides both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 6

Talk to your skin care professional and let us know which formula you can’t live without!

Until next time!

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By Perri Lomax

A Vivier Skin Care Expert.
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      ]]> 2019-12-16T10:44:00-05:00 2019-12-16T11:57:30-05:00 Glowing Skin for the Holidays Customer Care

      Are you looking for a party-ready holiday glow? Vivier chemical peels + Vivier Vitamin C serums are the answer. We call it the perfect pairing!

      Vivier’s Chemical Peels

      Vivier’s chemical peels are a beautiful in-clinic treatment for various skin concerns: to exfoliate dull, dry skin, target skin imperfections, and improve skin texture and uneven skin tone. If you are looking for an anti-aging glow with minimal to no downtime, Vivier has two options to choose from: Vivier Peel™ or Vivier TX JESSNER PLUS™.

      Each peel offers a quick and easy way to help exfoliate the skin in a controlled manner, and is a great in-office addition to your at-home skin care routine - an amazing choice all year long to get you brighter, smoother, more radiant looking skin!

      With multiple options to choose from, they are a daily must have and a wonderful take home post-peel to ensure you protect your investment and provide daily protection from free radical damage. A must in every skin care routine!

      Consult with your health care professional to find out which Vivier peel and Vivier Vitamin C sērum is right for you!

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      By Perri Lomax

      A Vivier Skin Care Expert.
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 2019-11-15T08:58:43-05:00 2019-11-15T09:13:14-05:00 The Gift of Beautiful Skin Customer Care

          The holidays are upon us, and there’s a gift that’s always in season - the gift of beautiful skin. Vivier Gift Sets are a perfect present for you and everyone on your shopping list - at an incredible value!

          Not only are these gift sets a great value but they are fantastic choices for skin that looks and feels radiant, youthful, hydrated and smooth. Let us know which Vivier Holiday Gift Set you give – or get – and enjoy the gift that keeps on giving….healthier and younger-looking skin!

          By Perri Lomax

          A Vivier Skin Care Expert.
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     2019-10-03T11:15:42-04:00 2019-10-03T14:16:41-04:00 Reveal Your Ultimate Image Perri Lomax

              There’s a beautiful new trend in aesthetics; a focus on “positive aging.” We embrace the aging process while focusing on being the healthiest and best version of ourselves at any age. We may notice changes in our skin’s appearance, but we focus on looking as good as we feel!

              After the age of 20, we produce 1% less collagen in the skin each year1. Collagen is an important building block of our skin, responsible for skin’s strength and elasticity2. Collagen loss may cause our skin to show more expression lines, texture changes and wrinkles. Another culprit is repeated muscle contractions, which lead to the appearance of new wrinkles and fine lines. Also, up to 65% of skin's natural water, global lipid content and fat emulsion can be reduced3, leading to dull and dehydrated skin.

              Vivier® has the solution for you, with Ultimage™. Ultimage™ is the perfect dual-action complex that works synergistically to soften expression lines and wrinkles, boost hydration, give a smoother, ageless complexion, to reveal your ultimate image!

              Ultimage™ is a unique, innovative, highly-effective formula of synergistic ingredients:

              An independent study proves you can look up to 5 years younger in 30 days8. Ultimage™ gives you hydrated, radiant and glowing; with a smoother, ageless complexion!

              Reveal your ultimate image!

              By Perri Lomax

              A Vivier Skin Care Expert.
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         2019-06-20T08:33:00-04:00 2019-10-03T14:08:50-04:00 Staying Sun Safe Perri Lomax

                  Protecting your skin is a daily necessity. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun and help reduce signs of future aging, in order to maintain your skin health.

                  There is a lot of confusion and misconception around sunscreens and best practices.

                  The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) recommends:

                  • Choosing a sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection
                  • Applying an SPF of at least 30
                  • Applying liberally for maximum coverage

                  Defining broad-spectrum

                  A sunscreen can protect you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet A (UVA) rays which causes aging and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays which causes the skin to burn 1 . By applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen, you are protecting your skin from both which helps prevent skin cancer, early skin aging (premature age spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin) and sunburn.

                  The meaning of SPF

                  All sunscreens are labelled with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number which is an indicator of how much UVB light a sunscreen can filter out versus not using a sunscreen. In other words, the amount of time it takes for your skin to burn without any protection 2 . By using an SPF 30, you are filtering 96.7% of UVB rays while in an SPF 50 you are filtering 98% 3 .

                  Applying the right amount

                  A sunscreen should be applied liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Most people only apply 25-50 percent of the recommended amount of sunscreen 4 which actually reduces valuable sun protection. The CDA and the FDA recommend applying at least 2 tablespoon or 1 oz for the whole body for maximum coverage.

                  Finding the right Vivier sunscreen for your skin

                  Vivier’s has a wide range of broad-spectrum sunscreens featuring elegant textures and effortless application.

                  Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30
                  An elegant water-based facial sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB and SPF 30 protection in a light, sheer formulation that absorbs quickly into the skin.
                  Ideal for normal to oily skin.
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                  Triple Protection Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30
                  A physical broad-spectrum UVA/UVB and SPF 30 sunblock enriched with powerful antioxidants.
                  Ideal for sensitive skin.
                  LEARN MORE
                  Sheer Broad Spectrum SPF 45
                  A silky sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with a sheer, soft touch texture that spreads evenly on your skin.
                  Ideal for normal to dry skin.
                  LEARN MORE

                  Regardless of the Vivier sunscreen you choose, don’t forget to apply it every day for a sun safe summer!

                  By Perri Lomax

                  A Vivier Skin Care Expert.
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             2019-05-08T15:42:00-04:00 2019-10-03T16:05:00-04:00 Hormonal Aging Perri Lomax

                      The aging process affects us in various ways. Just as a human ages, our skin cells are also biologically aging. 1 Reproduction of skin cells in the epidermis becomes sluggish over time, resulting in a deterioration of skin’s structure and its ability to function as optimally as it once did. 2 As hormone levels decline, skin can feel and look dry and dehydrated and you may notice laxity – loose, slacking skin – as well as textural changes. 3 The most consistent structural change in aged skin is a flattening of the EDJ (“Grenz Zone” ) by more than a third. 4-6

                      According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hormonal aging may also contribute to an uneven skin tone, as well as fine lines and wrinkles due to diminished collagen production; 7 and skin may appear thinner due to a reduction in estrogen levels. 8 Vivier is proud to pioneer an extraordinary solution for hormonally aged, thinning skin. GrenzCine with Polyamine-DAB™ is the first multi-layer and multi-function slow release anti-aging line resulting in beautiful, more luminous, plumper and healthier-looking skin using the power of polyamines; a naturally occurring molecule in the skin, essential for the growth and function of normal cells. 9 With more and more research, it has been shown that polyamines are involved in vital cellular processes. 10 Polyamines have been shown to help protect against free radical damage 10-11 and reduce the harmful effects of inflammation. 12 GrenzCine with Polyamine-DAB™ helps boosts fibrillar collagen, while healing and repairing (thickening) the skin and encouraging skin cell dynamics that help thicken and strengthen our Grenz Zone and epidermis. 13 By introducing topical polyamines to mature skin, we increase the efficiency of our cellular processes, 14 helping to bring our skin back to a healthier and more youthful looking state.

                      GrenzCine with Polyamine-DAB™ is a powerful solution to address fine-lines, wrinkles, crepiness, and skin that has lost luminosity and volume due to aging, hormone levels and intrinsic/extrinsic factors.

                      Consult your local practitioner to find out if GrenzCine is right for you!

                      GrenzCine Sērum

                      Luxurious serum formulated to help increase the firmness, hydration and volume of your skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing skin luminosity and improving skin tone, texture and elasticity.
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                      GrenzCine Eye

                      Luxurious eye cream specially formulated for the thin skin on the eyelids and around the eyes. Helps to increase the volume and firmness of the skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
                      LEARN MORE

                      GrenzCine Neck

                      Advanced neck treatment specially formulated for the thin, sagging skin on the neck. Provides anti-aging benefits of adding volume, brightening and moisturizing your skin.
                      LEARN MORE

                      GrenzCine Body

                      Pearlescent moisturizing body treatment formulated to help increase the firmness and luminosity of the skin and improve its tone, texture and elasticity.
                      LEARN MORE

                      By Perri Lomax

                      A Vivier Skin Care Expert.
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