Unlocking Radiant Skin: Pairing Laser Technology and Vivier Skin Care

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In the ever-evolving world of skin care, the pursuit of healthy, radiant skin is a journey filled with innovation and discovery. One of the most proven paths to real results is pairing quality skin care products with effective in-clinic treatments that leave you glowing from the inside and out!

“I always had a keen interest in the skin. As a young teenager I had acne and I remember how it affected my self-image, so I have always wanted to help people control and improve their skin care”, says Carolann Riggs, Nurse Practitioner and Aesthetician at Touch & Glow Medical Aesthetics in Marystown, Newfoundland.

Riggs takes us on a rejuvenating journey of pairing laser treatments with Vivier products. “Intense Pulse Light (IPL) has been part of our treatments since day one and I was trying to enhance this treatment”, she explains.

Her clinic also offers the Vivier ‘lunch time’ peel which “is a gentle peel that is completed in a short time if clients are in between work breaks. It’s a gentle process making clients feeling refreshed, brightened, and illuminated, she mentions. After Riggs “fell in love with the Vivier skin care line for her clients” and the results of the Vivier Peel™, she discovered combining the two treatments provided even more beautiful, elevated results for her clients.

IPL Treatment Benefits on Skin

The IPL treatment combined with the Vivier Peel™ focuses on the rejuvenation of the skin. “I use it when treating age spots, dehydrated skin, skin imperfections, oily and congested skin, and acne prone skin. It is also gentle enough to use on rosacea”, says Riggs. The Vivier Peel™ is gentle and helps to refresh, brighten, tighten, and illuminate the appearance of the skin leaving patients with glowing, more youthful skin! She further explains how adding the peel enhances the laser treatment by exfoliating dead skin cells and reducing pore size.

How Laser Skin Rejuvenation Works

Every skin care treatment should always start with a clean canvas. Riggs explains that she starts the treatment on her patients with a “double cleanse using either HEXAM or Ultra Foaming Cleanser, laying the foundation for the treatment to follow.” Next comes the application of gel in preparation for the IPL treatment, setting the stage for the rejuvenation process to unfold. Intense pulse light technology focuses on areas depending on the patient’s skin condition.

Once the IPL is complete, a cool wipe is used on the face followed by the Vivier Toner to soothe and refresh the skin. Then, the professional Vivier Peel™ is applied on the face. That’s when the real magic begins as the actives, including 10% Lactic Acid USP, 2% Salicylic Acid USP, and 14% Resorcinol USP – go to work on the skin to maximize the rejuvenating results of the treatment.

If the patient experiences too much sensitivity, it can be decreased with Vivier toner, Riggs explains. Once it’s dry and the peel is neutralized, Vivier V-Stat is applied to the face followed by Vivier sunscreen to protect the compromised skin.

Post-Procedure Routine

In the days that follow the treatment, “clients are advised not to use any exfoliation products or retinol for five days”, says Riggs. She suggests applying V-STAT to keep the dry areas moisturized as well as to prevent picking or touching your face as it may cause scarring. Vivier’s V-STAT is a post-procedure gel with Polyamine-DAB® and silicone. Riggs uses it daily for post-procedures as it effectively repairs damaged skin and reduces the healing time. Another important post-procedure rule to live by is to refrain from direct sunlight. So yes—SPF application is a must.

“If any redness or irritation develops, clients are advised to use V-STAT” she explains. They’re also advised to contact the clinic if irritability persists.

Follow-Up Treatments

Riggs aims to offer the most effective treatments available to her patients. At the clinic, clients are advised to book a series of four IPL treatments for maximum visible results. One treatment every four weeks and two of these treatments includes the Vivier Peel™.

In the pursuit of achieving radiant skin, innovation is key. By combining the in-clinic technologies with the transformative power of Vivier skin care, the results speak for themselves.

Carolann Riggs is a Registered Nurse Practitioner, member of the Canadian Nurses Association, and Canadian Society of Aesthetics Specialty Nurses.

With over 30+ years of experience, she prides herself as being extremely passionate about her work and thrives on continuing education to offer the best and most effective treatments available to her patients.

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