Why You Need a Versatile Vitamin C Scrub in Your Skin Care Routine

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Whether you’d like to experience fewer breakouts or can’t seem to rid your skin of a dry, rough texture, there’s one simple skin care step that can help: exfoliation! Not only does incorporating a Vitamin c scrub into a skin care routine offer benefits to a range of skin types and concerns, but you’re also bound to see (and feel) results fast. From why exfoliation is a bright idea to the best way to use a Vitamin c scrub, here’s how to get started. 

Why You Need a Vitamin C Scrub

Up until our mid-twenties, the body does a good job of naturally shedding dead skin cells on a regular basis (every 28 days or so) to reveal fresh, glowing skin. As we get older the production slows down and dead skin cells can start to linger on the surface. Overall, an accumulation of dead skin cells can prevent moisture from penetrating the skin barrier and lead to a dull, grayish appearance. But it can also cause various issues depending on your skin type. If you have dry or sensitive skin it can create a rough texture. And if you happen to have oily skin, dead cells that are slow to move on can build up and become trapped in your pores along with excess sebum which results in an increase of inflammation and blemishes.

Benefits of Using a Vitamin C Scrub

Gentle exfoliation with a Vitamin c scrub helps to loosen the sticky bonds between dead skin cells and removes them from the surface of the skin. Sweeping away that blockade of old cells helps to improve the skin’s surface in terms of appearance and texture. It can immediately minimize rough patches on dry skin, and when used regularly on acne-prone skin it can help to keep pores clear and prevent future breakouts. But exfoliation also serves another very important purpose. Once fresh skin is newly revealed the epidermis is better able to absorb any product, and its key ingredients, that you apply afterwards. Think of using a Vitamin c face scrub as the ultimate skin prep – just like the light buffing with sandpaper you need to do before any painting project if you hope to achieve perfect final results. It’s also worth mentioning that adding this quick step can enhance your self-care routine, bringing a spa-like experience into your home. Taking a mindful minute to treat skin feels good, especially when it delivers super smooth results. And there’s an aromatic element, too! The Vivier Vitamin C Scrub has a fan-favourite light citrus scent for an instant mood boost. 

Where to Use a Vitamin C Scrub

Exfoliating your face and neck is a must, but the benefits apply equally to skin that’s south of the shoulders, too. A multipurpose scrub that can be used as a body exfoliator can do wonders head-to-toe. Whether you’re experiencing dry or ashy skin, rough or bumpy patches on arms and legs, or body breakouts (like chest or back acne) using a Vitamin c body scrub can help to treat multiple skin issues.

How to Use a Multipurpose Scrub

The best way to use a scrub is after the cleansing step of your skin care routine. The Vivier Vitamin C Scrub formula contains gentle, non-irritating, environmentally friendly wax beads that are biodegradable. It gently and physically removes dead skin cells and surface debris when massaged on to damp skin using circular motions. But it’s the full blend of ingredients that have made it a best-seller. It also features the powerful antioxidant of Vitamin C that helps to calm and brighten the skin, plus hyaluronic acid which is an incredible hydrator. Also known as HA, hyaluronic acid is an essential skin care ingredient that can hold a thousand times its weight in water. It not only helps to boost moisture levels in skin but also has a plumping effect. For the face, you can start by using the scrub two to three times a week and work up to daily use if needed. In the shower, use the same circular motion to apply this multipurpose scrub to your body on damp, freshly washed skin. And always use a light touch – the biodegradable beads will accomplish their task of sloughing off dead skin cells so there’s no need to rub skin abrasively. 

What to do After Using a Vitamin C Scrub

Once you’ve exfoliated, your skin is already a step ahead to being softer, smoother and clearer. But, with the obstacle of dead skin cells removed, it’s also prepared to absorb active ingredients and nourishment like never before. After using a Vitamin c face scrub, apply your target antioxidant product (such as a Vitamin C serum in morning or retinol cream at night), followed by moisturizer. After using a Vitamin c body scrub, applying an antioxidant and peptide-rich body lotion to newly exfoliated and slightly damp skin will help to trap strengthening ingredients and moisture into the skin barrier for longer-lasting hydration from the neck down. 

From softening rough patches to helping clear clogged pores, a little exfoliation goes a long way for your face and body. Discover how easily and effectively a versatile Vitamin c scrub can get the job done.

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